《I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever》有16个想法

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      2. YoniraNot being very familiar with you general input, I had a scanning look and realised that more often than not you’re just content to mock around and answer in quips and snide remarks. Fair enough but I no longer expect a serious answer to my question above. Let’s forget about then. Ok?*big smile*

      3. Depois alguém leva um tranco e ficam cheios de choro. Não entendo por que só reporters e fotografos tem o direito de serem mal educados . Já se imaginaram em um banco e todos se espremendo em cima do caixa ? Claro que não são todos. Jonny’O

      4. LaraMay 17, 2011Apologies for the late reply Mario, I addressed this question in yesterday’s Dow analysis and have published an alternate chart which fits better with the S&P wave count.Both may be in extending third waves upwards and both may have a way to go yet before this upwards trend is over.

    1. 其实 qian-qi.com 才是以前的域名啦…不知道怎么会出现的。

      关于「无题」,看 alt 就知道了 : )


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