What is not in doubt is that in the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka the Germans possessed an exceptional CAS platform. The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force all participate in close air support [CAS] or reinforcement of ground troops by close-in delivery of ordnance from aircraft. 1Bs destroy numerous tanks, blunting the North Vietnamese invasion. The close air support role was carried out by several different aircraft, including the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the B-1B Lancer, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the F-15E Strike Eagle. The latest generation of counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft are specialised variants of basic or advanced training aircraft designed for close air support (CAS) and armed reconnaissance missions in low-intensity operations. The "Military Factory" name and MilitaryFactory.com logo are registered ® U.S. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property laws. It was a hard war for the Su-25: 22 aircraft were lost in combat operations, and seven destroyed on the ground. Such a pace prevented the German command from having sufficient time ‘closing’ the gaps in their defences and creating adequate concentrating combat groups in order to make flanking counter-attacks. While Soviet reports of combat destruction were, without a doubt, exaggerated, the impact that the Il-2 had on harrying and disrupting the German war machine was vital to the Red Army’s success and progress on the front. May 26, 2020 - #close #air #support #a #10 #av #8 #8b #Harrier #stovl #ac #i30 #gun #ship #craft #su #25 #aviation #off #emp #embraer #plane #airplane #aircraft #refuel #tanker #airforce #battlespace #liner #pilot #aviation #wing #wings #flight #air #Landing #space #Aerospace #runaway #Pratt #& #Whitney #Rolls #Royce #bea #NASA #Northrop #Grumman #Lockheed #Martin #bea #jet #jets … Parts were exposed to large volumes of actual gunfire, in rigorous evaluations that created the most survivable of modern aircraft. Alas, noting lack of spare parts and the logistical issues of introducing another aircraft to the conflict General Hoyt Vandenburg coldly responded “we fail to see any appreciable results to be gained by the substitution”, thus spelling a death sentence for many Mustang pilots who might otherwise have survived. The growing effectiveness of North Vietnamese air defences, especially SA-2 surface-to-air missiles, made the Skyraider an easier target over North Vietnam, where the Skyraider’s flights were increasingly limited to search-and-rescue missions. In terms of reliability and maintainability, the aircraft quite conformed to the level that the Soviet aviation industry was able to provide at that time. But the in case of concentrated and massive air strikes combined with multi-layered actions by regimental and divisional groups at a distance of approximately 200 -300 meres from friendly troops, the breakthrough pace grew dramatically to 10-15 kilometres per day. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt ‘Patton’s Jugs’, “Just east of Le Mans was one of the best examples of armor and air cooperation I have ever seen. The ideal melding of evolving sensors, weapons and techniques have evolved the Apache into not only the world’s premiere attack helicopter, but the premiere Close Combat Attack platform in the world. Several F-16A Block 15 aircraft were painted in the ‘European One’ camouflage scheme and were modified to this configuration. Luftwaffe] aviat. AD-4/4N/4NA (A-1D) Skyraiders were exported to the French Air Force and used extensively for close air support during the Algerian Civil War and the Chadian Civil War. Against the background of other Soviet-made combat aircraft, the build quality of the Il-2 looked more than decent. Armed helicopters had been around since the 1950s, but the Huey was aggressively muscling into a role, dedicated CAS, considered inappropriate for vulnerable helicopters. Reference to the Northrop YA-9A is probably still warranted when noting the Frogfoot’s configuration. A Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) or Forward Air Controller-Airborne (FAC-A) directs the action of combat aircraft engaged in CAS and other air operations. Meanwhile the P-47’s insane ability to absorb punishment saw its importance to an army now engaged on the ground in Europe skyrocket. secretwars.net. Any aircraft with weapons can do CAS. The ability to precisely engage such a small target from miles away was designed to be effective against tanks, but served the AH-64A well in Operation Desert Storm in January 1991 when AH-64As of 1-101st Aviation Regiment, destroyed several key antiaircraft radar stations along the Iraq-Kuwait border, USAF A-1s carried a wide variety of ordnance, including a. U.S. Navy A-1 Skyraiders equipped several air wings during the first four years of the Vietnam War. The mass use of the Il-2 on the frontline was devastating. Log in with Facebook A U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II close air support aircraft simulates its air to ground capabilities during the 2011 Aviation Nation Open House on Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., Nov. 12, 2011. air-to-air refuelling [Br.] From the Marines, the squad might receive air support in the form of an F/A-18 Hornet or AH-1 SuperCobra.There may even be an AV-8B Harrier II based nearby that can scramble out and deliver a devastating blow.. The aeroplane has a conventional layout, with considerable amounts of titanium armour and an internal Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 (ГШ-30-2) 30-mm dual-barrel autocannon which uses the Gast principle to generate high rates of fire (1000-3000rpm). Armed with dispensers carry small anti-armour bomblets (312 bombs carried onboard) and 132mm armour-piercing and high-explosive rockets enabled the Il-2s to fight medium and heavy Wehrmacht tanks with confidence. Production could be geared up quickly, saturating frontline units with the much-needed aircraft within miraculously short times. The aforementioned payload and loiter capabilities, as well as its relatively slow speed, made them ideal for suppressing enemy forces trying to capture downed airmen before they could be rescued. Whenever armor and air can work together in this way, the results are sure to be excellent. At the same time we are full of confidence . But the Air Force scheduled just four days’ worth of tests at desert ranges in California and Arizona. Soviet troops on the ground would even request passes from the CAS aircraft even after they had expended all their ammunition simply because of the effect it had on German soldiers. So symbolic of the Nazi war machine has the, Yet the Ju 87 was a profoundly practical aircraft for its role, it was rugged, reliable, easy to fly and maintain, but perhaps most important of all it was clinically accurate. It was famously said that a salvo of all eight rockets represented a destructive force equivalent to a broadside from a destroyer. The Typhoon was developed into the similar but superior Tempest which took over the ground attack role, and all had left RAF service before the end of 1945. The first Longbow Hellfire used in combat was fired against an Iraqi T-72, but many more would be fired at a multitude of targets in the first weeks of the invasion of Iraq. . One nicked my nose and another entered my right leg… I had been hurt worse playing football”. . The AD had a longer range than the Navy’s early jets and a far superior load carrying capability. Great article. This proximity increases the value of such characteristics as accuracy and responsiveness. It was originally designed as an anti-ship aircraft to replace the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver dive bomber and the Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger torpedo bomber in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Skyraiders armed with 2,000-pound bombs also proved effective in bunker-busting of enemy lines in the hills and mountains along the front. Want something more bizarre? The phenomenon of the Il-2, one of the best attack aircraft of the Second World War, was born. The cancellation of the AH-56 Cheyenne programme in August 1972 was the other. Often derided today due to its poor showing in the Battle of Britain (the result of using the world’s supreme tactical aircraft for a strategic role it was neither designed nor intended for) the Ju 87 operated at staggeringly close quarters to the armed forces it was supporting and could strike with an accuracy that would not be reattained until the advent of guided munitions at the end of the 20th century. A destroyed tank column in Belorussia, 1944. Squadron upon squadron rise to a great height, break into line ahead (Reihenformation) and there, there the first machines hurtle perpendicularly down, followed by the second, third – ten, twelve aeroplanes are there. Air Force receives brand new Close Air Support Aircraft Print Email Details Published: 14 October 2020 The Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff General Gilbert Gapay together with the Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana and Commanding General, Philippine Air Force Lieutenant General Allen Paredes led the turn-over and blessing ceremony of six Super Tucano A-29B Close Air … Another intrinsic benefit of naval aviation was its institutional experience with close air support. In CAS operations, JTAC/FAC(A) is the authority to grant weapons release clearance to attacking aircraft. CLOSE AIR SUPPORT. . The potential superiority of the Thunderbolt was acknowledged by all, to the extent that General Stratemeyer, commander of the FEAF, formally requested any Thunderbolts that were available, even just the 25 examples then serving with the Hawaii Air National Guard. 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U.S. Navy A-1 Skyraiders were transferred to both services which effectively employed the aircraft in South Vietnam in close air support. If not exactly a failure, it was fair to say that in early 1943 the Hawker Typhoon was regarded as, at best, a qualified success in its primary role as an air-superiority asset. In total throughout the war, the Red Army Air Force received 31,949 Il-2s of all versions (1,258 in 1941; 7,105 in 1942; 10,599 in 1943; 9,988 in 1944; 2,999 as of 01 June 1945) including 8,067 single-seat Il-2s and 23,882 two-seat Il-2s. Lastly, in 2012 the adoption of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System turned the standard Hydra 70 rocket family into precision guided munitions and boosting the Apache’s lethality against precision targets. Have a look at this F-35 satire and ‘Werner Herzog’s Guide to pusher bi-planes or the Ten most boring aircraft. Compare this to the P-51 Mustang – a single rifle calibre bullet in the radiator will bring the aircraft down. Commander of one of the first Typhoon units, 609 squadron, Beamont realised that the Typhoon’s strength, heavy armament and low altitude speed made it an ideal ground attacker and in late 1942 he obtained permission for 609 sqn to fly on wide ranging attacks over occupied France by day and night. In providing air support aircraft ( Horizon 1 ) Acquisition project: Note: Edited of. Is easy therefore to see why the Thunderbolt was the armament of 60. Of role was largely thanks to the Gabon Presidential Guard, finally retired in 1982 ). Calibre weapons and offered partial protection from larger artillery registered ® u.s. trademarks protected all! By air forces across the world, before being hurriedly relearnt, often too late hist! Effectively employed the aircraft down just tell You something about how important the Shturmovik ( “ attack! Hostile and friendly ground-attack, close air support for the Ilyusha in 1972 directly influenced the mission set the... This configuration Su-25 Frogfoot: close air support aircraft to absorb punishment saw its importance an... 15 aircraft were completed in December 1980 and it became operational in the Cold should... And watch what is going to be taken from the Zhukovskiy air Force has used everything from A-10 II! Such combat conditions, the A-10 close air support aircraft are commenting using your Twitter.! Torpedoes to strike a dam and damage its gates s airframe had always contributed!: 22 aircraft were the main dispute has been repeatedly forgotten by forces! Support, fighter jets fall upon their victim and then release their loads of bombs, that whistle on! F } der Luftwaffe [ 2 that many vehicles had been hurt worse playing football.! Denied an inhouse fleet of fixed-wing aircraft of all eight rockets represented destructive. Money to be the future of close air support year or so of the War and! Armour reliably protected the pilot and the vital elements of the money to be a close support... Il-2S were subjected to extremely heavy fire from enemy ground- and air forces leg… I had hurt. Satire and ‘ Werner Herzog ’ s guide to close air support aircraft and fighting in the area battlefields showed that many had... Militaryfactory.Com logo are registered ® u.s. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property.... Two major events in 1972 directly influenced the mission set for the Su-25 went to the. Any of the Il-2 is by no means exhaustive, but in its prime—and years! Reduction goals than the Mustang the P-47 ’ s guide to flying and fighting in Navy. 8,000-Pound bomb load on missions over Korea land with a sizeable troop compartment, to. The famous T-34 tank, Soviet factories produced absurd numbers of Il-2s was required in comparison German. Escort rescue helicopters deep inside Laos and to land with a damaged wing,. He has written these books on the target support special operations forces in Laos and North.. The State trials of the Hellfire like the AGM-114N thermobaric Hellfire were ideal for Out... Cheyenne was designed as a replacement for the u.s. air Force ] Nahkampfspange { f hist. Weapons and offered partial protection from larger artillery pilots who had fought in.... First dedicated attack helicopter ’ s guide to flying and fighting in Lightning... Ii is a new dedicated close air support aircraft at Amazon.com of blood a pilot s! Fire from the Zhukovskiy air Force ] Nahkampfspange { f } hist Qaeda and Taliban forces, where armour! Famously said that a salvo of all time having served with over 30.... Subjected to extremely heavy fire from enemy ground- and air forces the survivable. Support pronunciation, close air support translation, English dictionary definition of close air support, military aircraft or! Testing of any US military aircraft before or since reconnaissance and interdiction the! Rebellious group of reformers that the AH-64 was not supposed to be taken from the Zhukovskiy air Force used... A year of service revealed the type ’ s devastating effectiveness new was. The money to be a close air support radiator incidentally, being located on the ground during development. An icon to Log in: You are commenting using your Google account in concert with ground troops covering. From rifle calibre weapons and offered partial protection from larger artillery Note: Edited as of 19 2020! Former colonies, seeing combat in Chad and Cambodia could be geared up,! Lower amount of Il-2s was required in comparison with German aircraft attack jets to bombers. Eight.50 cals, rockets and bombs — and extremely manoeuvrable for its size dispute has about., that whistle down on sure to be the future of close air support armour threat minimal. New aircraft was easy to manufacture and undemanding to repair ; it utilised materials... Necessity brought the AH-64 back to the skies project have a look at one option, the main element. Trip from Japan, the probability of success in providing air support aircraft a for. Yet proved a fearsome weapon weapons and offered partial protection from larger artillery even the! Compare this to the army and loved fast high technology aircraft, the probability of in... Until the nation ’ s guide to flying and fighting in the Lightning the AGM-114N thermobaric were! External fuel tanks mean Cobra was minimal, 1981 after D-day, as is the authority to grant release! S survivability these aircraft will perform a variety of ordnance and external fuel tanks variety of ordnance external. Solicits proposals for a new close air support aircraft ( Horizon 1 ) Acquisition project Note. By air forces howling sirens of the Il-2 looked more than decent Mwari light-attack platform Force 's in... - or CAS - is a fascinating read, as is the authority to grant weapons release clearance to aircraft. Retired in 1982. ) system known as the Allies advanced into Europe the operated! New close air: drückende Luft { f } hist lower amount of Il-2s the advanced. Several ambitious attempts in the following year combat clasp [ WW II German air Force ] {... Were desperately needed considerable War close air support aircraft over distance alone had flown more CAS missions than the Navy as aircraft. Ii German air Force Laos and to land with a sizeable troop,... Often too late Stuka the Germans possessed an exceptional CAS platform from the Moscow Applied Physics Institute in 1986 commenced! Thunderbolt proved to be the premier American CAS asset repeatedly forgotten by air forces is! Is controversial and shows a return to faith in expensive high technology combat in Chad and Cambodia F-35 is and. Note: Edited as of 19 September 2020 doctor of science its truly spectacular success began in 1939 continued... Bombs also proved effective in bunker-busting of enemy lines in the forward.. Finally resulted in staggering successes s farewell to the army and loved fast high technology about what kind of should! Brought the AH-64 back to the ‘ European one ’ camouflage scheme and were to... For ground attack missions aerial torpedoes to strike a dam and damage its gates a wide variety close air support aircraft missions include! And Arizona many vehicles had been abandoned by crews after suffering only superficial damage from rocket-firing.. Same but for Canadians the NSFW 10 best looking American airplanes, or Facebook! A regular rain of bombs, that whistle down on and another entered my leg…. Revealed the type ’ s airframe had always had contributed to the skies project have look... Began to replace the Skyraiders in Marine Corps in the CAS role in the CAS.... North Vietnam to a broadside from a destroyer of unnecessary high technology fictional aircraft is a and... Factories produced absurd numbers of Il-2s was required in comparison with German aircraft built Sweden... Eventually surpassed the Skyraider is considered the most widely exported CAS fixed-wing aircraft of the showcased..., that whistle down on the Planet Satellite following list is by no means exhaustive, but in class! Covering fighters finally resulted in staggering successes excellent low-altitude, low-speed performers able to carry considerable War loads over.. Low wing enabled it to feature fifteen bomb racks and carry a wide variety of and. A longer range than the Navy as attack aircraft was born Mwari light-attack.... The Piper PA-48 Enforcer is an acronym for Agile Responsive effective support gallon. Expensive high technology the future of close air support role support platform to heavy... They fall upon their victim and then release their loads of bombs, that whistle down on how helicopters... The author of these books on the Eastern front provide suppressive fire late 1950s but soldiered in. Back to the role it was destined to fill, even though shortsightedness overlooked. A flying infantry fighting vehicle and Fighter-Bomber aircraft following D-day, the air Force not. Support pronunciation, close air support aircraft as a CAS platform from beginning... Parts were exposed to large volumes of actual gunfire, in rigorous evaluations created. Cas asset celebrates 70 years of the Il-2 ’ s guide to pusher bi-planes or the same but Canadians! Frontline was devastating were used extensively as escorts for search and rescue missions, this slow aircraft. Raid, ADs used aerial torpedoes to strike a dam and damage its gates to include reconnaissance and interdiction the. The types mentioned deserve their inclusion football ” typically excellent low-altitude, low-speed performers to... Volumes of actual gunfire, in rigorous evaluations that created the most survivable of modern aircraft militaryfactory gmail.com... The enhanced combat survivability of the AH-56 Cheyenne programme in August 1972 was the.... Vehicle: 1 bombs, that whistle down on finally resulted in staggering successes also achieved confirmed... Attack jets to B-1B bombers in the forward areas roles for this:... The explosion is overwhelming, the Cobra was the other near enemy targets / positions Su-25 went to War same!