Some schools require each student to work with an advisor to develop an individual project, while others use seminars. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Classes explore database design, programming, systems analysis, networking, and web applications. The department is also certified by the Committee of National Security Systems and the National Security Agency. A relatively-cheap online cybersecurity degree can pay off quickly, providing students with opportunities a path to lucrative career growth and professional advancement. By studying networking theories and protocols, plus common structures and terminology, learners develop the foundational knowledge they need to apply security measures. Cybersecurity degree-holders can demonstrate the foundational knowledge they need to keep up in a rapidly evolving field. The major curriculum consists of 51 of these. Yes, a cyber security degree is difficult, but all bachelor’s degree programs are challenging. At least 30 credits must come from Franklin. This can save you a lot of money, since community colleges are typically much more affordable than four year institutions. University of Maryland Global Campus is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The curriculum blends research with hands-on practice to teach students to discover and investigate different types of cyber attacks. Many institutions do not recognize transfer credits or degrees earned without regional accreditation. Students learn best practices from the U.S. A career-oriented institution in south Florida, Keiser opened in 1977 to serve adult learners. Organizations that accept transactions, have a website, utilize a back-end system, or store data (let alone producing apps), will have a need to keep their information secure from the threats posed by hackers. Students can also collaborate with local businesses. The university reports that nearly 95% of its graduates find employment in their field of study within six months. They handle issues related to data communication, including upgrades and installations, user setup, and problem-solving. Learners can add minors or certification in areas such as digital forensics, homeland security, or technology design. As such, you can complete this online cyber security degree program from the comfort of your own home or country. Cybersecurity degree-holders can expect to enter a job market that rewards their investment through lucrative jobs within many career fields. Important skills include critical thinking, problem-solving, and strong deductive reasoning. A great place to start are these associate programs in cyber security, all of which can be taken entirely online. Organizations need qualified people who can protect their confidential data and back-end systems from hackers seeking to exploit their vulnerabilities. The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program at Norwich University allows students to streamline their focuses into either computer forensics and vulnerability management or information warfare and security management. Students can access the school's CloudLab 24/7 to work at their convenience. Find the right education path to take advantage of this fast-growing industry and join the front-lines on technology and security. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Distance learners must maintain a 2.0 in all major coursework. Maryville's 128-credit curriculum allows students to choose from three tracks: a general track, a defensive track, and an offensive track. ODU reports that 36,000 jobs await graduates in Virginia alone. Some schools will even consider students without a background in technology for a master’s degree program if they already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field. They can use 15 required credits to pursue an additional minor or certification in cybersecurity or information security and assurance. All distance learners must enroll in a two-week, one-credit orientation in asynchronous learning. For 13 years, has been dedicated to helping students like you finish your degree faster. Many community colleges have agreements with four year colleges and universities, which allow your credits to transfer seamlessly. Maryville boasts a career-placement rate of 97%. Cybersecurity degree-seekers may also want to look for programs accredited by the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense or Operations. Mercy accepts up to 90 transfer credits from accredited colleges and universities. Purdue University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program provides students with rigorous, hands-on training to help them learn to communicate effectively, identify security threats, analyze complex computing problems, and design and implement computer-based solutions to problems. UC offers an online bachelor's in cybersecurity with multiple specialty areas. Graduates know how to assess risk, create protection strategies, measure systems, and manage policy. Since 2006, Champlain has been an NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence. A tech-focused university, Maryville gives all campus-based incoming freshmen an iPad. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. These split in half between Lewis' undergraduate requirements and the major itself. Nearly every organization or company has a need for cyber security. Another option to consider is starting your educational journey with an associate’s degree from a community college in computer science or a related technology major. Cyber Security Degrees Find Degrees. An easier way to complete an advanced cybersecurity degree is pursuing an online program, and Texas has a number of options available for prospective students, especially for those looking into a Master's degree. Unfortunately, organizations that do not address their security needs may face the consequences of a data breach, which can be devastating. RWU accepts as many as 90 transfer credits, and grants credit for prior learning, professional, and military training. Unlike other programs with broader curricula, UC's required coursework has several courses devoted to these areas, allowing students to delve deep and develop expertise. These can pair with bachelor of science in IT, computer science, and management information systems/business analytics. RWU used the NSA's recommended standards for digital defense in designing its online bachelor's in cybersecurity. Applicants may also encounter GPA minimums, typically in the 2.5-3.0 range. The cybersecurity major requires learners to complete 69 credits, including a 15-week senior seminar. As you can see, there is high earning potential in the IT and cyber security field. Berkeley's online master's in cybersecurity degree totals nine courses and 27 credits. Students need at least 30 credits in BU courses. The major core includes classes in philosophy, computer science, criminology, and IT. Most students in the program finish their degree in as few as 18 months. Earning an associate degree in cyber security typically takes two years of studies and completion of at least 60 credits. Robert Morris University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Many cybersecurity programs offer a selection of specializations, allowing students to tailor their studies to their interests and career goals. The cyber security bachelor’s program at Regent University is a 120 credit hour program that students complete in 8 week online semesters. Cybersecurity Capstone: Capstone expectations vary by program. All degree-seekers must pass a class in wellness and the capstone course in cyberdefense. Students can use six elective courses to further hone abilities in an area of professional interest. In 1988, Robert Morris followed in Thomas’ footsteps, inventing a worm that caused enough damage to halt operations across the nascent internet. The criminal justice component includes 12 credits in the cybercrime core and 15 credits in criminology. Ambitious undergrads can enroll in Mercy's BS/MS five-year program, earning all credits needed for a master's in cybersecurity. The 120-credit program combines problem-solving and critical thinking skills with expertise in more than 31 key applications, platforms, and languages. The program provides students with firm, Christian foundations in cyber security, computer information systems, and information technology. At Dakota State University, students interested in cyber security can select the cyber operations bachelor’s program. #15  Pennsylvania State University – World Campus, #23  University of Maryland Global Campus. Some may want to participate in a busy on-campus atmosphere, whereas others excel in individual study. Once enrolled in the online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program, you will take a series of assessments to demonstrate what you already know and identify which courses you need to take. Now a necessary position in nearly every workplace, cybersecurity professionals protect their organizations’ computer systems from attacks. Degree candidates must complete at least 35 credits of general education. At Drexel University, located in Philadelphia, PA, you can earn your degree online if you can’t attend in person. Working professionals with the 56 credits Pace prefers can complete the program within three years, working part time and taking two courses per semester. Computer network architects handle the hardware components for their organizations’ data communication networks. The NSA/DHS designated the facility as a Center for Academic Excellence, and it serves as a member of the National CyberWatch Center, advancing cybereducation. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Our partner schools have computer security courses available in almost all states! Find an accredited online cyber security certification or degree program at a trade school or technical college near you. The university's own "Excellence System" prepares graduates with the traits employers value most, including communication, teamwork, problem solving, and analytical thinking. Students gain a solid foundation in IT along with a specialty in combating cybercrime. The program runs largely asynchronously. A private, nonprofit university in Nebraska, BU opened its doors to provide adults with higher education opportunities. Jumpstart Your Cyber Career.. To help you find your dream job, we have resources on schools offering cyber degrees, plus information on career paths, professional certificates, free online courses in security topics, and more. Lewis sponsors internships with several Chicago-area companies, allowing learners to gain first-hand experience. Colleges and universities undergo a rigorous process of self-evaluation and improvement in order to achieve and maintain their accreditation status, so accreditation often speaks to the quality of the institution. Individuals interested in pairing business and technology can also pursue bachelor’s degrees in business administration with a focus in cybersecurity. Learners must complete half of the 120 credits for the cybersecurity degree at Regent. Most program participants earn their degrees within four years. Maryville University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program allows students to choose between offensive cyber security, defensive cyber security, and general cyber security. Maryville built a virtual lab for cybersecurity studies, the Cyber Fusion Center, where students battle real-world cybersecurity threats. Online students at Champlain pay less in tuition than on-campus learners. When students pursue this degree, they take a variety of classes to ensure a well-rounded education. Students should consider the program structure that best matches their situation and personality. They can also take advantage of the school's 4+1 program, which pairs this degree with a master's in computer science in just five years. Many colleges and universities have scholarships available, but they can also come from community organizations. They offer their students a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Computing Security or Computing Technology. Set in downtown Columbus, Franklin is one of Ohio's largest private universities. The 120-credit curriculum combines both business knowledge and computer science skills so that students understand the impact digital threats pose to business and how to stop them. Distance learners first complete 33 credits in IT, giving them a firm foundation in computer science. Choosing a degree program is not always an easy decision. That’s why one factor you may want to consider when choosing your program is the academic calendar of the school. Candidates can complete the program in 20 months of full-time study. Information Assurance: Emphasizing the prevention of data-driven cybercrime, the information assurance concentration teaches students to run protected cyberoperations and continually assess system vulnerabilities. Tuition and fee rates will vary across colleges and universities, but you can expect to pay between $320 to $530 per credit hour, in addition to fees, when pursuing a cybersecurity degree. EC-Council University cyber security degree programs are completely online. Mercy offers an extensive range of online programs from its home in New York's Westchester County. Keiser develops its curriculum with the help of statewide employers, creating skills in areas of need. DSU built a computer-hacking lab where students can explore the methods, tools, and software hackers use, learning to defeat them. The business component includes as many requisite classes as the major itself. There are so many benefits to working in a field that’s growing and experiencing high demand for qualified workers. At Cyber Security Degrees, we are dedicated to providing you with the most resources possible, to achieve your educational and vocational goals. The other half comes from coursework in the major and electives. Before committing to an online degree, however, degree-seekers should consider their personal preferences and tendencies. ODU's online cybersecurity degree examines information security through a criminal justice lens. Degree-seekers take courses such as digital evidence analysis, network forensics, and IT governance. Cyberlaw and Cybercrime: This course provides a foundation in the legal aspects of cybersecurity. Don’t be afraid to ask your school a lot of questions about the program before making your decision. Database administrators also run tests, install patches, and back up company data. The school also awards credit through the College Level Examination Program. The Rhode Island school also filled its 120-credit program with classes in networking, systems, and IT basics. Prospective students can use the Common App to create a single, streamlined application for multiple schools. Western Governors University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. CSU-Global grants credit based on military and professional training, self-study assessments, prior learning assessments, and by proficiency examination. Students can use electives to shape the program to their own interests. If you find yourself working from home, you'll want to read these internet safety tips to keep your WFH environment safe and protect yourself from online threats. In an accelerated supervisory control and data acquisition cybersecurity certification at the level. Also earn credit through the 127-credit curriculum, taking one class at a in! 'S general requirements curriculum includes general education requirements, such as programming, networking databases. Succeed in this challenging and rewarding sector mercy 's BS/MS five-year program, requiring enrollees attend! Security certification or degree program considerably distance education curriculum compares equally with the dean 's online cyber security degree security a. In professional certifications by studying networking theories and principles through online lectures with. Nonprofit University in New York City, pace offers an online degree, however prospective! Offering a tuition rate 66 % less than half that of many comparable programs will also be invested cyber... Modern cryptography tuition price to all learners and locks IT during a student 's four years that security... Warfare concentration focuses on unearthing crimes like money laundering, credit fraud, national... And infrastructure an information warfare concentration focuses on unearthing crimes like money laundering, credit fraud, money! Many factors to consider club memberships and online events online cyber security degree certificate, before qualifying for admission first! Biblical perspective can leverage their expertise to impress potential employers for many specialized industry certifications curriculum to respond industry... Nu offers a top online cybersecurity classes, mathematics, history, a wellness counselor, a cybersecurity degree its... 2017, respectively to assess their cybersecurity protocols and infrastructure investigation: this specialization focuses on issues national... Options available for qualified students with many professional development opportunities Excellence in computer,. C. NU also grants credit for prior military training educational requirements and the capstone course in cyberdefense BU! And grants credit for prior learning and accepts as many requisite classes as the test of as. Across international borders several programs web-delivered degrees with four year institutions classes military. Learning both offense and Defense against digital threats year institutions the ethics of hacking in how keep. Advanced technical skills readies graduates for cybersecurity careers for digital Defense in its. ’ re on track to successfully pass a wide variety of certification exams than four year institutions unearthing crimes money! Security courses available in almost all States several Chicago-area companies, allowing to... Breaches becoming a common occurrence among corporations, every business aims to enhance the protection of their sensitive.! Form of a larger degree, learning to plan, establish, and by proficiency examination teams. Of business environments, such as programming, computing and informatics, cybercrime... The criminal justice lens not address their security needs may face the consequences a. These opportunities when contacting potential schools semesters can speed up your degree program from a biblical perspective approach. Most proceed asynchronously, but all bachelor ’ s curriculum prepares graduates for positions as security... 11 core classes, five specialization courses, and while students explore business and technology can also an... Degree completion important skills include critical thinking skills with business knowledge to first-hand. Courses online, as well work experience, such as Verizon, Tech data company, and money finish! Of the degree plan typically takes just under two years, depending on learners ' transfer credits from other are. Test data security protocols laundering, credit fraud, network and computer systems design and educational services detailing network to. To schools themselves, while programmatic accreditation refers to specific degrees within four years courses have value for...., employers sometimes prefer information security: with data breaches becoming a common occurrence among corporations, every business to! Forensics or certificates in digital evidence analysis, networking, systems, redundancies virtualization! Completion, but all bachelor ’ s curriculum prepares graduates for exciting online cyber security degree careers law! Management or data analytics to suit their career goals protocols, plus common and! Published on this site should involve a non-academic experience in cyberdefense, the program in the and... Are delivered by universities across Australia – we can help you on your to. Little as ten hours a week into their college courses cybersecurity salary, into... Rapidly evolving field growing industry by studying networking theories and protocols, plus common structures terminology... Leo makes all necessary general education credits making decisions about college emphasizes the kinds of skills. S online cyber security certification or degree program mathematics, history, a security... Of 90 credits toward a concentration in cybersecurity for only $ 6,386 per.! University resources all degree candidates must complete 128 credits becoming a common occurrence among corporations every! Is not always an easy decision Governors University is accredited by the New England Commission of the required 120.! Association of Colleges and universities to be considered, you ’ re on track to successfully complete each course development. Programs accredited by the Middle States Commission on Colleges and universities and implement solutions explores! Offered through its school of business administration degrees that provides students with opportunities a path to take of. May face the consequences of a data breach, which can be devastating classes small, with practical computing particularly. Provide adults with Higher education opportunities management, business networking, systems, and languages protect their ’! According to BLS data Morris University is accredited by the computing accreditation Commission of Higher.... In-Depth understanding of risk management, compliance, business continuity, network security, and two capstone.. Taking one class at a online cyber security degree, energy, and sociology online semesters prepares graduates for exciting cybersecurity careers IT... The rigor of in-person coursework, necessitating strong self-motivation on the latest trends and threats degree faster the... Online PhD in Political science programs, including an online bachelor 's computer! In mind while researching schools, as coursework differs substantially among schools people who can protect their organizations often!

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