Please be careful when handling any OTF blades and obey all federal and local laws. Before starting, make sure all of the necessary tools are available. Discharge the blade, unscrew and disassemble your knife (place the screws in a zipper bag) and then clean the components with a soft rag. Even best of knives need proper care. The closest you’ll get to a legal switchblade, our OTF pocket knives fire out razor sharp, spear-point blades at lightning speed, giving impressive results for minimal work. Fire the blade and leave it out. Stop playing with your OTF to keep your hands busy. Store in a place away from moisture and dust. Next, lubricate the spring mechanism and inner blade. You have successfully cleaned and serviced your knife and it's now ready for action. The blade should be already loose from discharging, but you still need to hold the rear-hinge back to remove the blade from the bottom casing carefully. This is the most basic sharpening tool you can find and the best in my opinion. Lightly rinse the blade with tap water and remove any residue that may be on it from your cutting job. There’s no point in having a razor-sharp blade if it fails to deploy. Shipping of the knife to Midtech Knives … AKC Blackfinger disassembly I've had my Blackfinger for a few years now, and the deployment is becoming less and less reliable. how to keep your automatic OTF knives razor sharp. Tactical OTF Knife backed with a lifetime replacement warranty. Out-the-front knives, or OTF knives, rocket open with the slide of a button. Or you flick it open to realize the blade’s too dull. The hardware, pocket clip, glass breaker, and firing switch are bead blasted for a dark stonewash finish. A clean and well maintained OTF is a functional and useful tool. The key is maintenance. If we are unable to repair your knife for any reason, we will replace it absolutely free. Many of us fire and retract our autos while sitting idly when there is no need for it. OTF knives require more maintenance than any other knife. Cleaning and caring for your OTF knife is a very important part of owning one. Remove the inside components. This will facilitate the cleaning process. Put the metal plate back into the bottom casing and slide it back and forth making sure it correctly installed. ← Older Post Everyones favorite Original titan OTF Knife is finally available! Sharpening stones are two-sided. Prints very easily but may need some supports on the newly created overhangs. Hand tighten the screws. We offer a variety of styling options, like stilettos and tactical pocket knives … This’ll help prevent your                         automatic OTF knife from rusting and clogging. Your survival depends on your  tactical OTF knife. A person is supposed to search for a knives … I notice 2 screws on either side of the handle, and what appears to be a door at the bottom of the handle. The Microtech OTF knives open quickly and safely. This is a light duty knife … However, if you own a switchblade from a reputed maker, the top-notch mechanism will help deploy the … If your knife can slice a tomato into thin capriccio without effort, then you’ll know your automatic OTF knife is ready to cut. Next, discharge the blade against something like a large book, cardboard, or wooden cutting board. Do not slide it all the way down. Microtech OTF full disassembly and assembly - Duration: 19:49. Do not use your knife as a pry bar, screwdriver, chisel, or punch. The Midtech Ghost OTF comes equipped with custom painted, heavy duty aluminum zinc alloy handles, and a custom tanto blade for tackling your toughest cutting jobs. Disassemble your OTF. Carefully withdraw the spring and the metal plate setting them aside. You simply slide the front-loaded button forward to … Take the shorter lip, and slide it into the groove until it snaps into place. Unscrew the screws using your precision screwdriver and remove the top plate. Here are indications when you should clean your knife. A jammed automatic OTF knife. ← Older Post Griffin 2.75" Griffin 3" Griffin 3.75" Crusader Series Is it legal? A person is supposed to purchase an out-the-front (OTF) knife that will help in handling the different needs of the client. Remove the blade. This knife is a type of automatic knife where the blade is resting inside of the handle and will jump out once the button is pressed forward. A tomato. If the knife begins to misfire, or it doesn’t feel quite like it used to, then it is time to clean it. These are survival horrors we all dread. Basically, blades will go dull at some point depending on the usage. 9/10 cheap automatic OTF knives will fail irrespective of what you do. The good news is that cleaning and caring for an OTF can be very… The Viper Tec Don is a one of a kind switchblade and OTF all in one! As a result, personal knives tend to be used for a slew of reasons, such as cutting cheese, steak, or carving up a sharp wooden stick. Their fast deployment makes them ideal for anyone who needs quick, one-handed access to their pocket knife. The Mini Mini Phantom tactical double action out the front knives feature a 440c stainless steel blade with a two tone black and silver finish. 3. It’s a natural process of steel erosion. All OTF Knives purchased from Midtech Knives are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. However, that’s not always possible especially when you’re facing doomsday. Or, if it’s unusable altogether. A dirty OTF knife can misfire and be unreliable. Shop. Out the Front (OTF) automatic knives take a lot of beating. We carry the best OTF brands including Benchmade, Viper Tec, Smith & Wesson & many more. The OTF knives are common for self-defense to different clients for increased satisfaction to the customers.

otf knife disassembly

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