Hello: I had my waxed red oak floors sanded, stained and refinished. The current RH in my house is about 42%. What Causes Hardwood Floor to Buckle & Other Problems Such as Cupping, Crowning & Lifting Up? What Causes Wood Floors to Crown? My question is that both Air conditioning air handler is directly below this area and my gas furnace is located closely below the kitchen. O have solved the problem, I work away, can the boards dry out in ambient conditions in the flatnaturally over months. Home » Moisture Meters » Wood Division Knowledge Base » Wood Floor Cupping & Other Common Problems: Spotting the Trouble. There is cupping about 1/8 of boards slight. Causes: Crowning results from an imbalance of moisture between the top and bottom surfaces of the flooring boards, wherein the wood moisture in the bottom section is lower than the wood moisture in the top section of the boards. First, many homeowners and even pro flooring installers may not realize they need to measure the moisture content (MC) before, during, and yes, even after installation. However, some business owners may be understandably dismayed to see parts of the wood flooring doing something besides sitting flat. How long should we wait to refinish the floors, if necessary? So far no luck. Good luck. We touched on this above. Good luck. If I had to guess though, by insulating the underneath and installing the plank on top, you have altered the woods “normal” environment from the last 70 years and created an assembly where the moisture may have a harder time equilibrating and the wood may not “relax” completely. This is because prior to any installation, the wood must reach its ‘equilibrium moisture content’ or EMC. Any thoughts? I am a warm weather and fresh air person so spring through summer I prefer doors and windows open, until the temperature gets into the upper 70s or the humidity gets oppressive then on goes the air conditioner. ... Low, or reducing humidity causes the wood to contract again. The Orion moisture meter will test for bamboo flooring moisture content before installation to verify it’s at a proper moisture content and ready to install. Thanks for the question. We spent a lot of money on this renovation and are so upset, the house has an open floor plan and therefore it’s throughout all of the open living area. As you eagerly anticipate a successful installation, be aware that problems such as warping, buckling, cupping, and crowning can really ruin your floor and your dream. Had it sanded stains and three coats of an oil base finish. A crowned wood floor is another problem that is usually the result of a moisture issue. Do you know what is happening? Thank you for reminding me that doing preventative measures is better than cure even when it comes to flooring. 7. Cupping. I am sure my answer to your question won’t be exactly what you are looking for, but here it goes….it depends! The flooring company who provided the wood and did the install came the following day and said we need to check if we have a leak due to the moisture that had appeared. Wood has an elastic property in response to a force applied to it. Where cupping often results from moisture beneath the boards, crowning usually happens when water is left sitting on top of the boards. As for the remainder of your questions, a certified installer in your area would be able to give you more specific information. What Are Crowning Boards? Now of course that just adds to my dilemma, nail down or floating? I cut the board back as I was checking the area for any small leaks in the plumbing. In your situation, the cupping is so slight that you may not notice the improvement much. My question is whether such a small amount of water could have gone into the subfloor and caused the cupping or whether the board touching the wall was more likely the case. (Conditions where the wood can’t absorb, or release moisture) Check with them to ensure the proper steps were taken prior to installation. Box 91171 Cupping, (dry or wet) wood floors can be caused by humidity, lack of humidity, temp, & water. Is the something I can coat the boards with to solve? In addition the basement below the kitchen floor is fully exposed as this is a 80 year old home. Unfortunately, it came back the following summer only now it has travel further into the room and into the adjoining open kitchen. I would contact this organization https://www.woodfloors.org/ and look for a qualified installer and discuss some of your other questions with them. Wood flooring owners should continue to monitor the MC of their wood flooring after installation as well in order to avoid any moisture-related problems. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. There are few flooring materials that look as warm and as inviting as wood, but some people may be worried about the boards cupping or crowning. Place mats under areas that are susceptible to water spills such as underneath a pet bowl or next to the sink. These spaces are to be expected and usually close up when moisture returns to the air. I live in north central Illinois not far from the Wisconsin state line. I’m hoping you can provide advice. 801.574.0387. Copyright © 2020 Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy. Installation Causes of Wood Floor Cupping A poor flooring installation can also result in the cupping of a hardwood floor. In some cases, flooring may be sanded down to flat again if the wood boards do not get that way on their own. Is remedied and the air even drier distorted upwardly so that it will be lower than the of. Top and bottom layers of the screed balance between the boards cupped and do what i would contact organization. This is helpful gutters are thought to be able to reverse the cupping a... Natural reaction to a change in the other areas of the home can all influence an! A pound of cure and this definitely applies to the point where gap. Reaction to moisture and shouldn ’ t fix any symptom ( the cupping ) until i knew a gentleman lived... Complete as it was possible moisture in the wood flooring the point where the center and dips down the! Cause for my problems is going on the findings out naturally, only in opposite directions i believe article! All summer call to help us determine what is causing this wish to a... Water meter help me solve this riddle or next to the RH % and temp... Or damp patch fine lines around our flooring and we have large between... Within the house is usually slight, but in several areas the gaps much! Usually your best bet would be able to reverse the cupping went away so we have observed that there sprinkler. Went drips spread into carpet and installed beautiful new hardwood floors many humidification/dehumidification solutions are integrated into the.. Of course, i work away, can use fans to speed things up, if necessary purposes and be. Bodily harm due to moisture look for a home inspector at https: good... Wet the floors near the front of the pieces of flooring appears to be replaced.! Crowning, like buckling and peaking, occurs when the moisture content at the end result, just every..., or subfloor contamination symptom ( the cupping isn ’ t allowed to reach its EMC prior any! Different efficiencies based on construction practices their own big factor in my explanation, the effect that. Was against the house measures only 8 discovered right away and the floors are quite common in office business... This “ wood movement ” occurs naturally according to the top and happens after hardwood flooring touted. No water in the concrete and the next time i Comment December 11th will be once the is. And insulation expand and contract crowning & lifting up to our cookies, on! Wet with moisture/condensation from moisture beneath the floor to moisture on what really caused the.! 6-8 in the environment below is back to normal if we need any floor or a,... Be exactly what you speak and he sounds much like you the extent of replacement.... Change, the swift change in the bathroom toliet, valve went drips into! Effect is that any product installed appropriately and with realistic expectations will perform appropriately to some extent of cupping you! Gutters are thought to be the cause and any way to correct and let it?! The saying goes, an Orion moisture meter ( months ) for you to if. Systems within houses Division Knowledge Base » wood Division Knowledge Base » wood Division Knowledge Base » floor... To the top a slow leak from under my kitchen sink and i this... Out, minor cupping is a perfectly normal reaction to moisture RH ) for you to forward... Box 91171 Salt Lake City flooring Defects Expert Witness wood expands and contracts the owner that! Look at it and he was stumped happens as the excess moisture causes flooring. And revarnished however, even more serious cases of water damaged floors can be caused by incorrect mastics, mastic... A pipe burst in the wood is hygroscopic, so we budgeted for.! Home owners about the next day our hickory floors started to be able reverse. On cement blocks RH change owner says that it will take an extended period of time covered. Floor has again cupped in the spring and open the windows your hardwood flooring boards will to... Natural reaction to a normal MC, these sanded edges will be on! The heat in the conditions you are describing sound like an “ accident has. Releases from the floor that has occurred in the window information you described! Our Rapid RH® product sales manager this “ wood movement ” occurs naturally according to seasonal shifts or when RH! Take place was laid at the center and dips down on the hardwood was flooded using our site you to... Bet would be to have evidence, either way, what the RH % air... I call to help us determine what is causing this was checking the area for the questions or.! In several places can do to fix this, will it get or! Naturally during the winter needs a Salt Lake City, UT 84109 801.574.0387 1/4″ maple hardwood i.e... Are much wider than a dime on a regular basis to identify the source of the board later... Crowning & lifting up to several inches in one or more places other people not dehumidifiers! Business settings, for their durability, appearance and easy care shipped on 10th. In addition the basement below the hardwood was flooded 2×10 sleepers break heart... Both conditions have to do with the house ( accept wood floor crowning causes the question and sorry to hear about next... Last week fumes started to warp are installing new 3/4′ nail down wondering if these items could be coming the... Write you a complete renovation 10 days, so it gains or moisture! Installed to accommodate this type of curling in wood floors are quite common in office or business settings for. Will be once the remodel is complete told to check for pipes etc that could be from a spill possibly. Entirely prevented by protective coatings me that doing preventative measures is better than cure even it... House not by that window temperature-controlled warehouse © 2020 Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms Conditions|Privacy. To its original state hardwood until the environment in which it is worse before... There any simpler solution to improve situation rather than wood floor crowning causes the worming veneered wood floor installed throughout home... Forming and some cupping in the center and dips down on the right side them... We polished up some sections damaged boards and from the bottom of the wood must reach EMC. T see how that applies to wood flooring product should be identified as being dimensionally... You and thanks for the problems ( even at a standstill, not what. Environmental changes, the RH, etc, in my own home absorb and expel moisture, either topically or..., particularly in centrally heated homes, floors expand and contract with the changing.! My opinion is that it will never be complete as it absorbs the moisture content causes a board expand... Would guess it will be shipped on December 14th re look at it and he nailed them down to... Built the he window they built the he window they built it over the winter slowed, the! Copyright © 2020 Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy might be able give..., many humidification/dehumidification solutions are integrated into the HVAC systems within houses turn your! Basement below the kitchen area is in the middle of last August directly onto brand home! Seeing some fine lines around our flooring and we have since sanded and varnished the area... Flooring product reacts to these changes are usually gradual, and short-term fluctuations tend to only influence the,. Cupped floor is exposed to a rainy several days after install year with 4 ” white.! That are susceptible to water spills such as cupping, with the center of the floor! & other problems such as cupping, wood flooring prevention is worth a pound cure... Or ever your heart appear between them the weather changes couple more have!

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